Is it a good idea to stick with Google Analytics at the beginning phase of an app?

I always install Google Analytics on my app when I launch it on Product Hunt. I check the number of visitors almost every night.

And most of the time the result let me down because the number is so low. It discourages me to work on that app sometimes.

Should I focus just on the content of my app over the visitor number at the beginning phase of an app?

I think you can completely ignore early day analytics only under 1 condition which is : you're 95% sure that your product is better than your competitor overall (provided there is already a competitor). I say this because if other people are already using similar products and if said product is successful, then it should be clear to you that you don't really need to mind the analytics for a while and just focus on your development.

If your product is relatively unique, I think you should look at the analytics because it will tell you a lot. Although this is contextual still.

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