What are you using to host your static sites?

In my case, Netlify is the to-go tool for me to host static sites.

But I would like to know what kind of good option do we have?

Thanks in advance👍

I'm using render.com for production and vercel for all other branches (dev)


I used both Heroku and Netlify as it serves. You could only host static sites with Netlify and it has functions where you could run serverless Lambda functions which is very handy.

Heroku works better for me as the free plan allows you to install add-ons such as Redis which is good for simple caching.

I heard of the good thing about Vercel but haven't really it yet. It supports dynamic re-builds and the incremental generation that shorten your re-build time, a good choice for CMS.


I'm a bit old school but I still use EC2 instances or some sort of old-school FTP server host. Very simple and just upload files.



Firebase hosting

are my options!

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